• Ventus Luxury Mykonos Villas - A luxurious way of travelling

    A luxurious
    way of travelling

  • Ventus Luxury Mykonos Villas - The island of the winds

    The island of the winds

  • Ventus Luxury Mykonos Villas - Sunbathing under the Greek Sun

    under the Greek Sun

  • Ventus Luxury Mykonos Villas - Mykonian Sunset at little Venice

    Mykonian Sunset
    at little Venice

  • Ventus Luxury Mykonos Villas - Breakfast with a view

    with a view

  • Ventus Luxury Mykonos Villas - Cycladic architecture


  • Ventus Luxury Mykonos Villas - Yachting in the Aegean sea

    in the Aegean sea

  • Ventus Luxury Mykonos Villas - Endless big blue

    big blue

  • Ventus Luxury Mykonos Villas - Mykonos  town, strolling on the streets

    Mykonos town
    strolling on the streets

About us

Welcome to Ventus Mykonos Villas.
A luxurious Way of Travelling.
Ventus Mykonos Villas was founded by Antonis & Margarita, siblings who were born and raised in Mykonos island. Knowing the island to the last detail they desire to introduce the island from their perspective, aside for the standards that have made this island so popular, they would love to provide a full Mykonian experience to visitors of any taste and preference. Their goal is to built personal relations with their clients and make their stay an experience of a life time. Ventus Mykonos Villas is an agency that provides luxury holiday services in Mykonos island Greece, one of the most desirable destination in the world for summer vacations. They provide a great variety of homes in several privileged locations. Each villa has been hand-picked and personally inspected so they can assure it will make you feel like home, as well as a sense of privacy and seclusion. They are in continuous communication with the owners and working staff of the villa, in order for everything to be perfect for your arrival in Mykonos island. Mykonos villas are built with the Mykonian Architecture and stylishly furnished and equipped with high-end appliances.
Why Ventus Mykonos Villas:
Ventus is a Latin word and it means "Wind" we were inspired to call our agency Ventus Mykonos Villas due to the fact that Mykonos is famous for its strong winds, which is part of its Magic. Mykonos the island of the winds.
The names of the villas:
The names of our villas were inspired from Greek mythology and each name has a meaning. See More...
Meet Antonis:
General Manager & Customer Relations
Antonis was born to Greek father and French Canadian mother and grew up in Mykonos. After studying Electrical engineering at the technical institution of Kozani Greece, he decided to move back to his home town Mykonos. Having years of experience in working in the Tourist industry (restaurant manager and airline customer relation employee ) and wanting to create his own business he has decided to put his knowledge of customer relation and organizational skills in the villa rental industry to provide luxury homes to visitors who wish to experience the island at its best.